OSE Workbench Platform Documentation

A platform for workbench development by Open Source Ecology.

OSE defines a “workbench” as a set of tools in CAD software to design and make a particular machine.

The below Workbench Planning pages cover planning for workbench development. Note, anyone can contribute to the workbench planning process, and you don’t need to be a programmer. Indeed, OSE workbench development teams benefit from a diversity of people with different backgrounds and skill-sets.

The below Developer Onboarding pages contain guides for getting setup as an OSE workbench developer.

The below Development Process pages describe various processes related to development such as breaking down development work, branching, and versioning.

The below Pattern Catalog pages describe structure and patterns for solving common problems in workbenches using the FreeCAD platform.

Every workbench should follow the above standards and guidelines to make working between various workbenches easier, and increase collaboration.

Developer Onboarding

OSE Workbench Ecosystem

osewb package

osewb.doc.ext examples

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